Turkish Visa Information For Pakistan Citizens

Friday, December 2, 2011

Turkish Visa Information For Pakistan Citizens
In ancient China, especially in the Tang Dynasty, there were seven steps to beautify the beautiful makeup: the base powder, and apply the color on the face, eyes and dark eyebrows, and the application of the "head of gold" or "flowers flash / of gold", the painting is reduced, and decorate the cheeks and lips apply color.

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and lips are the mirrors of a character and temperament. As an important part of the face decoration, as shown above, the lip makeup has a long history and different styles at different times.

It is believed that it was originally practiced lip makeup to please the gods in religious ceremonies. Over time, people realized that it could be the spirit and joy of one, and sometimes can reveal the individual's social status. As a result, different materials cosmetic lip continually tested and used to make the bright red lips, and the creation of Chinese art on the lips of makeup.

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