Ancient Chinese culture and traditions and China Women

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ancient Chinese culture and traditions and China Women
China values ​​the traditional women of child-rearing. Muyizigui an old Chinese proverb which means that the mother is only worth as much as his son. It should be the ultimate back when polygamy was allowed in China until 1949. One can imagine that all the wives to identify competing with each other through their children.
The glorification of suffering. This does not apply only to the mothers of China or Chinese culture, but I think the Chinese "eat bitterness" is necessary and vital to success. The passion and enjoyment is not relevant. Chinese use their pain as the war veteran wearing medals. As Ms. Chua explained and suffering earns bragging rights. It would be completely useless if their daughters, Ms. Chua like playing musical instruments with them to practice every day.

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